SCUT is an association for Saudi students at The University of Toledo who are seeking to serve fellow Saudi students and answering their questions about the university, city of Toledo, and the club. Sponsored by Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission.The club is one of the oldest organization at the university, which was and continues to work and succeed providing efforts and contributions of its members students since its founded until this year

Our vision

Achieve the highest level of achievement in serving Saudi students and their families, and provide educational and social programs and events to ensure their satisfaction

Activities and events

Meet new students and introduce them to the club and its programs

Holding weekly and monthly meetings to firm sociality bonding

Celebrating Islamic and national holidays of Saudi Arabia

Involving in cultural, sports and social activities of the city, university and club.

Attending seminars, scientific, developmental and cultural lectures

Our Goals

  • Achieving the goals and directives presented by the Cultural Mission and the Saudi Embassy in America, and achieving the vision 2030 of the country.

  • Behave honorably and set an example for other people of Saudi student in particular, and the Saudi club in general

  • Receive, assist and guide new students and introduce them to the club and its programs, and provide educational and social management services, both inner and outer the university

  • Serving and assisting students and students at the institute or university or the academic side in all their educational and social needs to overcome and remove the difficulties and obstacles that face them, in order to achieve success to them by the grace of God

  • To grow the bonds of passion and cooperation and to promote the spirit of social work among students

  • Providing programs, events, and social, cultural and sports events for the students in accordance with the integrated program of this course in 2019

  • Celebrating Islamic and national holidays of Saudi Arabia

  • Providing meetings, courses and lectures that benefit the students in new and innovative ways

  • Participate in the programs and events of the city, university and club in a new, effective and successful

The University of Toledo

 2801 Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43606

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