If you decide to stay in Toledo, you would prefer to book a hotel first until the permanent residence is selected and received.

In order to facilitate reservations, it is preferable to use one of the known sites to book hotels such as

Independent Housing

It is the most suitable accommodation for families in terms of space and privacy

One of the most popular accommodation in Toledo

Country Club Apartments

Student accommodation
Each university has its own student housing. The student registers it through the university website and includes the price for all bills of electricity, water and gas. It also has a privileged location near the universities and sometimes provides transportation for transportation from the university to the university. The housing includes a security guard 24 hours throughout the day in the occurrence of any problem, God forbid. A special role for girls may be provided according to the housing management policy


There is also accommodation for students outside the university where they are registered through their website, such as

Edge 1120 Apartments

Accommodation with family

It is the most appropriate accommodation for language students so that students are given the opportunity to practice English with native speakers of the language. In addition to learning some customs and traditions and give the opportunity for students to engage in American society easier. In addition to some other services provided by this type of housing for an additional amount in terms of cleaning the room and provide food and washing clothes and others

Families announce an additional room for rent through the Institute or University so you can contact them for further details

The University of Toledo

 2801 Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43606

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